3 New Digital Marketing Support Packages

Thought Leadership Gain market share with high-value content Produce consistently and stay ahead of competitors Articles, case studies, white papers and more Professional copy editing Layout and design support Decades of experience in your industry CALL (949) 244-9440 FOR ESTIMATES We’re happy to work in or manage your WordPress, SquareSpace or Wix site. Popular Media

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6 Quick Tips for Marketing Directors that Need to Shine

Almost every business we deal with upgraded to a clean, responsive, 1-page-style site.   PROBLEM! Now everyone has a great looking site, and it’s difficult to stand out. So it’s back to the basics. Writing and persuasion, whether it’s for a case study, landing page, email campaign, video or some other piece of marketing collateral,

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6 Content Development Tips for Marketing Directors from “Early to Rise”

These are quick but powerful: Here’s the original article: http://www.earlytorise.com/how-to-sell-anything-including-your-ideas-and-yourself/ “The message is about the reader and his interests, needs, and desires, not you and your wants.” “It should contain some significant promise of benefits (again to the reader), implicit or stated.” “The benefits should be concrete — easy for your reader to imagine.” “Any

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