6 Quick Tips for Marketing Directors that Need to Shine

Almost every business we deal with upgraded to a clean, responsive, 1-page-style site.  

PROBLEM! Now everyone has a great looking site, and it’s difficult to stand out.

So it’s back to the basics.

Writing and persuasion, whether it’s for a case study, landing page, email campaign, video or some other piece of marketing collateral, still matter most!

The most thoughtful and organized marketing directors do this by focusing on content development, article writing, video production,“how to” text and video content for SEO, podcast-ready interviews, scripts and presentations that:

  1. connect with customers and prospects

  2. compel people to take specific actions

  3. create buzz about your company in the press and on social media

  4. find leads, boost sales and increase margins

  5. positively differentiate you from competitors

  6. tell your stories in unique and compelling ways

Problem #2: There’s not always a lot of time to do this. You could have the best editorial calendar in the world, but you won’t always be able to fill it with good content. Why? It’s not easy to find knowledgeable writers and content producers that are sticklers for deadlines and deliver quality content when it’s needed.

We can help, but we need you to help us first. HERE’S THE PLACE TO START. It’s a quick business and project quiz that helps us meet your needs and develop a plan that’s going to work the way you want to work.  

P.S. One great way to engage our services is to start with a small editing project. It can make a huge difference! Pick something you know isn’t quite working and could use an outsider’s perspective.

P.P.S. Most people are hanging around on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and in their inbox . . they’re not visiting your web site. Check your Google Analytics numbers and you’ll see. Ask me about social strategies and some “how to” SEO tricks when you call.