10 Values to Live By

  1. Work with people who have a clearly defined purpose and want to make a difference in their jobs and in the world.
  2. Connect with people who are open to original marketing ideas and new ways of connecting in the digital realm.
  3. Test, measure, test again . . the only way to aim and hit goals.
  4. Use quality messaging everywhere – on price sheets, auto-responders, estimates, email signatures, landing pages, Twitter profiles, Facebook pages. Think it through everywhere.
  5. Tell STORIES. It’s the way our minds make indelible impressions on ourselves.
  6. Explore vision, the path ahead, contrarian ideas and the road less traveled.
  7. ASAP is poison. Take time to do it right. Avoid rushed creativity.
  8. Focus on VALUE. Map it out in detail. Understand it from your audience’s perspective.
  9. Craft original ideas and written documents that describe reality and make a clear impact on real people. (As opposed to artiness or ego.)
  10. WAKE UP! Listen to what customers are actually saying.

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